Join Carlie for the debut of her brand new solo musical!

Me! The Musical! at Rockwell Table & Stage January 15, 2019!


CARLIE CRAIG parodies the cringe-worthiest of Broadway Diva solo concerts with this original musical she wrote entirely about herself - the no-holds-barred... Me! The Musical!

Backed by her house band who she might not be paying, Carlie takes you on an intimate journey, delving into the psyche of the girl who always destined to desperately chase after fame: Carlie, herself.

From starring on a short-lived reboot of an iconic sketch show to supporting herself as a party princess, Carlie Craig has endless stories to tell! You won't wanna miss a single one!

Me! The Musical! is the follow-up to Carlie’s previous solo musical Have Several Seats, which she performed as part of the “It’s Showtime Series” at The Colony Theatre in Burbank.

The debut performance of Have Several Seats also took place at Rockwell Table & Stage. She is thrilled to be back with Me! The Musical!